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Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nurses are able to provide clients with a wealth of information when it comes to care.

Whether you're in a home setting or in a care facility, nurses are always present.  Their function revolves around the following tasks:

Patient Health Evaluation

We evaluate the patient's health and will recommend the proper treatment, care programs and appropriate diet to follow.

Health Education (for Patient and Family Members)

Knowing about your health and possible complications you might face allows you to be more prepared.  Our nurses will give the patients and family members access to information, consultation and resources about a particular disease or health condition.

Post-Surgery Care

Adjusting with your health after a surgery can be risky.  Our nurses will help you in preventing complications or possible re-hospitalization.

Wound Dressing

It is important to keep a wound clean.  Proper dressing changes at right time intervals are vital to help the wound heal completely.  We have wound care nurses in our nursing staff who are competent in administering wound care procedures.

Vital Signs Monitoring

Nurses will keep proper documentation of your vital signs while recovering at home.  They will regularly take note of temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

I.V. Therapy

Skilled Nurses from All Staffing, Inc. are certified to administer IV Therapy.  These therapy procedures can be applied in blood transfusion, intravenous medication administration and infusion therapy.

Ostomy Care

Patients who have to maintain their stoma may find difficulty in doing it alone.  Improper care of a stoma could lead to infections.  Our nurses at All Staffing, Inc. are capable of assisting clients in stoma maintenance procedures.

Mobility Assistance

All nurses from our agency can provide mobility assistance to non-ambulatory and disabled individuals.  We promote their independence and support them with range of motion exercises.  Nurses can also assist the physical therapist in re-training the patient for mobility and motor functions.

Bed-Side Care

For patients who have severe conditions that render them bed-bound, our nurses will provide round-the-clock care.  We take care of activities of daily living, vital status monitoring and medication administration.